Remember to Turn the Volume Up  or Down!!

Olympic Fights  !!!!!!  must watch

Jordan Saville wins in 17 sec fight stoppage 2006                   Liam Mcdermot in competition 2006

               Martin and Tony light contact in class 2006

  Donna`s Kicking Techniques           Donna Demonstrates Keumgang

Irish Open 2007 Chloe Bruce Unbelievable

Polish Ladies Gold Team ITF ( Adult Viewing, Be aware music does contain some bad language) but great video

Sarah Stevenson Wins gold Bonn Germany European 2006

Sarah will be entering the Olympics this year !! 2008

Tony Ju jitsu back to back submission fight 1992

Bradleys first fight 2004 age 6 years and 4 months

Jessicas first fight actually aged  8 years 2004

Jessica aged nine in competiton 2004

Bradley great combinations

Jessica at Adwick Le Street Winner

Street Taekwondo excellent kickaround

Tony beats opponent in 12 seconds 2006

Tony in Action fight stoppage 2006

Mary cheung TKD board breaking at Edinburgh University 2007

Tony and Goliath 2004

Renshi Johny Self defence Karate club in Belgium

Also trained in Taekwondo and Hapkido


Tony Kick Jutsu Archives at Mansfield


Ju Jitsu knife defence 1990 Tony and Paul the Shades Grant

Ju Jitsu Take Downs Go with the Flow

Tony in cellar 1994